Meet Anacode:

We make all storage and networking products and services faster and cheaper.


Anacode CS Storage Service

As secure, reliable, and durable as AWS S3, S3-IA, and Glacier

Pay 35% less per month

That’s right! You pay 35% LESS to store your lossless-compressed AWS S3/S3-IA/Glacier data

Access your data via familiar RESTful GETs (reads) and PUTs or POSTs (writes)

  • Access your data via the Anacode CS endpoint instead of the S3 endpoint
  • Massively parallel encoding and decoding that uses AWS Lambda microservices, Docker containers, and Kubernetes container orchestration
  • Random access into your compressed data via GET (read) with Byte Ranges

    Decompress only what you need, not everything in front if it (like gzip requires)

    AWS Pricing vs. Anacode CS Pricing

    (price per TB/month)