Meet Anacode:

We make all storage and networking products and services faster and cheaper.


Anacode CS Storage Service

As secure, reliable, and durable as AWS S3
or get 10% lower monthly S3 bills for FREE

Pay 35% less per month

  • That’s right! You pay 35% LESS to store your lossless-compressed AWS S3.

Access your data via familiar RESTful GETs APIs

  • GETs (reads) and PUTs or POSTs “(writes), with SDKs for Java and Javascript [node.js]
  • Access your data via the Anacode CS endpoint instead of the S3 endpoint
  • Massively parallel encoding and decoding that uses AWS Lambda microservices, Docker containers, and Kubernetes container orchestration
  • Java and Javascript SDKs for PUT, POST, GET, LIST, and DELETE Anacode API calls

Random access into your compressed data

  • Access via GET (read) with Byte Ranges.
  • Decompress only what you need, not everything in front if it like gzip requires.

AWS Pricing vs. Anacode CS Pricing

(price per TB/month)