ANACODE CS: "Compressed Storage"

What is Anacode?

Anacode CS is a “Compressed Storage” service that is:

CHEAPER:  pay 35% less per month to store compressed versions of your data in Anacode CS, compared to what you pay to store uncompressed versions of your data today in AWS S3, AWS S3-IA (standard), AWS IA (one zone), and AWS Glacier.  Coming soon:  Anacode CS for EBS, at GB/sec encoding rates.

FASTER:  Anacode CS data moves thru AWS availability zones (AZs) faster (typically 2x to 10x faster), because Anacode encoded data stays compressed till it reaches the customer’s EC2 server instance (which requested the data), where Anacode CS decodes it “just in time.”

SIMPLER:  Anacode CS makes life simpler:  Anacode is a Storage service, not a Compression service!  Anacode CS users send their SDKs to an Anacode CS endpoint, instead of to an AWS S3 endpoint.  Anacode CS delivers compression’s benefits, without users having to manage compression’s complexity.

RELIABLE:  Anacode CS data is still stored on AWS S3, S3-IA, or Glacier, but in compressed form.

ANACODE CS Encoding and Decoding

On all datasets available to Anacode (and Anacode has lots of available data), Anacode CS compresses more, and faster, than gzip.  Since Anacode CS encoding and decoding are pleasingly parallel (see the next FAQ question), Anacode CS processing is orders of magnitude faster than gzip.  Also, Anacode CS is a storage service, while gzip is a compression and decompression service.


Anacode encoding speed doesn’t need to operate faster than the Cloud network can transfer data from the EC2 server making the Anacode PUT or POST (write) request. For Amazon AWS, many EC2 instances are attached to the AWS Cloud via a 1 Gbps Ethernet link (~100 MB/sec). Some EC2 instances operate using faster Ethernet links (10 Gbps to 25 Gbps) to the AWS Cloud.

Anacode CS Security, Reliability, and Durability

Since Anacode CS stores its compressed data on AWS S3 and Glacier, Anacode CS data is at least as secure as any other AWS data written to S3/Glacier (including EBS snapshots). And since AWS S3 and Glacier data at rest is encrypted by default, Anacode CS data at rest is also encrypted by default.

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