Founders Welcome

Hello fellow compression explorers,

I’m Al Wegener, founder and CEO of Anacode Labs, Inc.  I’d like to welcome you, prospective and current users, to Anacode CS, the world’s first compressed storage service.

In 2006, when I founded my first start-up Samplify, I didn’t know much about entrepreneurship.  But I never let go of the vision that my passion for compression might someday change the world.  And thanks to the unwavering support of my wife, my family, and my friends, Anacode can finally offer what I’ve been envisioning since 2015.  While it took me longer than I originally planned (just ask my wife!), Anacode CS is finally here, and I’m proud of it.

Since 2006, I’ve learned a TON about launching innovative technology, and of the critical importance of start-up marketing and sales.  I’ve also learned what NOT to do.  I didn’t realize till recently that all of my hard-earned learning was focused on making storage cheaper and faster for Anacode customers.

When you become an Anacode CS customer (which I hope you will), you will join a happy band of users that get faster storage for less money.  Because Anacode CS stores compressed versions of customer data, monthly data storage costs are lower.  Compressed data also transfers faster from storage to applications that request (read) the data.  Anacode CS is a simple and radical idea that took a lot of planning and invention to make work properly.  And for me, it’s been a fun and wild ride!

Anacode CS compression is in every way better than gzip, the compressor that has led the way since 1977.  gzip and its progeny turned out to be surprisingly effective for more than 40 years.  Not many technologies last, let alone lead the way, for 40 years.  Many thanks to Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv:  I stand on your shoulders, two giants who came before me. But unlike you two, I set out to develop a storage service, not a compression service.  And as the poet said, “That has made all the difference.”

Some of you may watch the HBO sitcom Silicon Valley.  For those who know Silicon Valley’s plot line, you can imagine how many VCs and inventors told me over the last 3 years, “You remind me of Richard Hendrix, that guy on Silicon Valley.”  Ironically, Anacode has three different ties to Silicon Valley:

  • Tsachy Weissman (Stanford), of the famous “Weissman score,” knows about Anacode.
  • Vinith Misra, Mike Judge’s main compression consultant during Silicon Valley’s first three seasons, was a summer intern at Samplify (my first start-up).
  • Thanks to Vinith and Tsachy, I participated in the First and Second Stanford Compression Forums, which were sponsored by Stanford, IBM, and (drum roll) HBO. At the first Stanford Compression Forum, we even got to Skype with Mike Judge and Jacob Ziv!

We Anacode folks took our time developing Anacode technology so that it would be easy to use and would “just work” so that you Anacode CS users can just GET (read) and PUT (write) compressed data, with random access and datatype-optimized encoding and decoding, without having to worry about any other details.  Anacode CS just works because that’s how we envisioned, designed, tested, and implemented it.  I hope that you’ll enjoy using Anacode CS as much as we’ve enjoyed designing, developing, and getting it ready for you.

Thanks for trusting your stored data to Anacode CS, and welcome to the Anacode family!

Happy exploring,


P.S. If you like Anacode CS, please tell your friends about us!

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